These pointers might help:
  • Watch the tutorial closely
  • Try the exact example in the tutorial before making something more complex
  • Once the test Zapier is running and working you can explore further integrations and workflows
When creating the steps in Zapier:
  • Start with a new empty black_and_white_new folder and an new color folder colored_new
  • Configure the first Google drive to the black_and_white_new (make sure you see the exact name in Zapier)
  • Drag one new test file into the black_and_white_new, and do the test run and make sure the file matches exactly with your new test file
  • Set the Resolution to "Watermarked-SD", so you don't run out of credits in the test plan. It's the option that consumes the least credits.
  • Now configure the other steps, and make sure that the new colorized image appears in the colored_new
  • Now drag 5 new test files in black_and_white_new, and run the zapier manually to see that it start processing the files
  • Now you set your production resolution and drag all your images you want colored in the black_and_white_new and make sure the zapier is turned on